[steve green] communications in Amsterdam provides English-language services to the arts, education and cultural sectors.

Translation and editing are the heart of what we do, alongside a variety of related services such as subtitling, language coaching and publishing project management.

We can support you in getting your message across to your audience. Sounds simple. But it’s so easy to miss the mark – especially in a second language.

The Netherlands is a unique environment for English: many Dutch people speak the language, English is the lingua franca, and a huge proportion of organisations use both Dutch and English to communicate. But being able to understand or speak English is not the same as being able to write or present for an international audience. That’s where we can help.

Professionalism, expertise and accuracy are a given, but each assignment brings its own new challenges. That’s when flexibility, empathy and dedication come in. Writing is personal; reading is personal too. It’s all about connecting those personal experiences.

Do any of these questions strike a chord with you?

'Will my play connect with English speakers from many different cultures?'

'How should I strike the fine balance between preserving my authorial voice and not sounding awkwardly foreign?'

'My English is pretty good, but how will my presentation come across to a native English audience?'

'I write for fellow scholars in the Netherlands, so what’s the right tone for a more international readership?'

'How should I present my art in an authentic way that also connects to my public?'

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligations chat to find out whether our services match your needs.