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Steve Green Communications in Amsterdam provides language services and associated services, chiefly to the cultural sector.

Information on rates and availability available on request.

email steve green .

Steve Green is part of a tight, Amsterdam-based network of language and other professionals who frequently collaborate on larger and wide-ranging projects.

.copy writing
.native translations
.music composition
.video recording
.video post-production



film museum, Amsterdam
– catalogue, communications

ceramics museum, Leeuwarden
– website copy

art museum,The Hague
– audio tour

national museum, Amsterdam
– essay


European Capital of Culture candidacy
– bidbooks

dance film festival
– annual programme, website copy

documentary film festival
– annual catalogue, communications


Amsterdam School of the Arts (AHK)
– magazine editor, essays, communications

KIT Publishers
– publications

Royal Tropical Institute
– reports, communications, website copy

Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU)
– book

culture park
– communications, contracts, advertising, website copy


Alles Voor De Kunsten
performing arts agency
– communications

Bureau Tamtam
performing arts marketing agency
– communications

Don't Hit Mama
dance company
– communications

Female Economy / Adelheid Roosen
theatre company
– communications, website copy

Hotel Modern
theatre company
– communications, subtitles, website design

theatre company
– communications

Nicole Beutler
choreographer and director
– communications, subtitles

Rotterdams Wijktheater
community theatre company
– plays, essays

theatre company
– communications

Treaty of Utrecht
community arts organisation
– books, scripts, subtitles

– annual programme brochure, communications

Via Rudolphi
performing arts agency
– communications, contracts


Ramon Gieling
film director
– subtitles

Charles Liburg
scenario writer
– subtitles

Riva Film
film producer
– communications, website copy, narration script

Miles Roston
film director
– subtitles


Bureau van Dijk
data processing
– communications

Text bureau
– family letters

  1. A History of Japanese Bodysuit Tattooing
    authors: Mark Poysden and Marco Bratt
    publisher: KIT publishers
  2. corrector
  3. An Academy
    editors: Marijke Hoogenboom and Hester van Hasselt
    publisher: Art Practice and Development, Amsterdam School of the Arts
  4. translator and copy-editor
  5. After Theatre
    editors: Marijke Hoogenboom and Alexander Karschnia
    publisher: Amsterdam School of the Arts
  6. translator
  7. Ave-Nue (RTRSRCH 3/1)
    editors: Jeroen Fabius and Sher Doruff
    publisher: ARTI, Amsterdam School of the Arts
  8. translator
  9. Behind the Scenes of Hindi Cinema
    authors: Johan Manschot and Marijke de Vos
    publisher: KIT publishers
  10. copy-editor
  11. Community Arts Dialogues
    author: Eugene van Erven
    publisher: Treaty of Utrecht Foundation
  12. translator
  13. Het Veem Theater - 25 Years
    editor: Bojana Mladenovic
    publisher: Het Veem Theater
  14. translator
  15. Hospitality is not a Home
    editor: Maya Rasker
    publisher: Amsterdam School of the Arts
  16. translator
  17. Imagination Designs Europe (2018Eindhoven|Brabant European Capital of Culture bid book)
    editors: various
    publisher: City of Eindhoven
  18. translator, copy-editor
  19. International Community Arts Festival - An Extensive Report
    editors: Eugene van Erven and Peter van den Hurk
    publisher: Rotterdams Wijktheater
  20. translator
  21. Monument Guide: Aruba
    authors: Olga van der Klooster and Michel Bakker
    publisher: KIT publishers
  22. translator
  23. Morocco,5000 Years of Culture
    editors: Vincent Boele and Mohamed Saadouni
    publisher: KIT Publishers and De Nieuwe Kerk
  24. translator
  25. Oscar Fischinger: Experiments in Cinematic Abstraction
    editors: Cindy Keefer and Jaap Guldemond
    publisher: Thames and Hudson
  26. copy-editor
  27. Ownership in the Hybrid City
    authors: Michiel de Lange and Martijn de Waal
    publisher: Virtueel_Platform
  28. translator
  29. Precious Burden
    author: Itie van Hout
    publisher: KIT publishers
  30. translator
  31. Sustainable Archiving of Born Digital Cultural Content
    editor: Annet Dekker
    publisher: KIT Publishers
  32. translator
  33. Sustainable Archiving of Born Digital Cultural Content
    editor: Annet Dekker
    publisher: Creative Commons (virtueel_platform)
  34. co-translator, copy-editor
  35. Tele-trust (RTRSRCH 3/2)
    authors: Karen Lancel and Herman Maat
    publishers: ARTI, Amsterdam School of the Arts
  36. translator
  37. The Sensation is Real
    author: Nicole Beutler
    publisher: LISA / De Appel
  38. copy-editor
  39. The World of Tattoo
    author: Marten Hesselt van Dinter
    publisher: KIT publishers
  40. co-translator
  41. Yogya Silver: Renewal of Javanese Handicraft
    author: Pienke W.H. Kal
    publisher: KIT publishers
  42. copy-editor
play scripts
  1. Back to Later
    by: Rotterdams Wijktheater
  2. translator
  3. City Now
    by: Hotel Modern
  4. translator
  5. God's Beard
    by: Hotel Modern
  6. translator
  7. Familie a la Turca
    by: Codarts
  8. translator
  9. Hand in Hand
    by: Peter van den Hurk
  10. translator
  11. Holland Tsunami
    by: Space
  12. translator
  13. Sahra
    by: Kaat Zoontjens
  14. translator
  15. Shrimp Tales
    by: Hotel Modern
  16. translator
  17. Tussenwater Station
    by: Hans Lein
  18. translator
  19. When it Blows
    by: Rotterdams Wijktheater
  20. translator
  21. Zhong
    by: Rotterdams Wijktheater
  22. translator
  1. About Canto
    Director: Ramon Gieling
  2. subtitles
  3. Children of Stalin
    Director: Harrie Timmermans
  4. subtitles
  5. Community Arts Dialogues
    Director: Lotte de Man
  6. subtitles
  7. The Game
    Scenario: Charles Liburg
    Director: Miles Roston
  8. subtitles
  1. Shift
    text book series
    English language for secondary schools
    publisher: Nijgh Versluys,
  2. copy-editing, editing, copy writing
  3. shift literature
    text book series
    English literature for secondary schools
    publisher: Nijgh Versluys,
  4. copy-editing, editing, copy writing